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Standing with your lover, holding their hands, looking into their eyes, and telling them the vows of love, friendship, companionship, and togetherness for the rest of your life is a magical moment.

If you wish to capture this moment and immortalize it, then our French Riviera Wedding Photographer services are just a blink of an eye away. We want your special day not to be a distant memory; we want it to be a feeling that stays fresh even after years of togetherness. With our photography, we want you to experience the exact feeling you had at the very moment. We make it possible by focusing on capturing the two of you in a raw moment instead of making you pose for it.

Memories are valuable since they allow us to revisit the pleasure we experienced and exchanged. We know that we must capture the magnificence of such moments honestly and beautifully. We prefer that you be discreet to express your affection for one another. Nonetheless, we will assist you in making the day a remarkable experience.

French Riviera is a stunning place to be, and bringing your special day here is a wonderful decision. The venues such as Chateau de la Messardière, Hotel Cap Estel, Villa Belrose, and Chateau d’Argent are a few of the places you can organize the big day.

French Riviera wedding photographer

The French Rivera setting will complement your beautiful shots, and we will bring our imagination and pleasure to sublimate the natural light, scenery, and elements that are essential for your unforgettable experience. As French Riviera wedding photographers we will capture the true feelings of your day to make everything much more magical.

If you want to smile looking at your shots even after 20 or 30 years of being together, then contact a French Riviera wedding photographer today. We will make sure to keep things as genuine and authentic as possible so that you can feel the love through the shots.


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We love to capture each moment from a genuine, candid perspective and simply enjoy the day with you, while capturing all of the details that will make your wedding so special and personal to you.

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